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Printing a training manual Thumbnail

Printing a training manual

Published 05/10/2022 | BPUK Admin | General

Printing a training manual everything you need to know when creating your own training manual

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Do I need an ebook? Thumbnail

Do I need an ebook?

Published 22/06/2022 | BPUK Admin | Advice

As an Author, you may be wondering if you need an E-book. We're here to help you make that decision with our breakdown of the digital format.

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Rod Wood A Mountain to Climb Thumbnail

Rod Wood A Mountain to Climb

Published 01/08/2019 | BPUK Admin | Author Interview

We had a chat with Rod Wood all about his book A Mountain to Climb

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How to Edit Your Own Writing 10 Effective Tips Thumbnail

How to Edit Your Own Writing 10 Effective Tips

Published 02/07/2019 | BPUK Admin | Advice

When it comes to editing your own work it can be difficult to know where to start, but our top tips can help you with how to edit your own writing.

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Book binding types Thumbnail

Book binding types

Published 22/05/2019 | BPUK Admin | Advice

Choosing the right book binding type for your project can be tricky when there are many options available. That's why we are here to help make it easier!

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Writer's Block 5 Great Tips to Beat It Thumbnail

Writer's Block 5 Great Tips to Beat It

Published 23/02/2019 | BPUK Admin | Advice

Writer's block is a real pain when all you want to do is sit and finish your book. There is no proven way to beat it but here are our tips and tricks.

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