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When it comes to printing training manuals for your business, you want to make sure that they are of the highest quality, sturdy and capture your business’s essence on every page. To do this, you need a printing company that puts you first and that’s where Book Printing UK comes in.

With our training manual printing service, you don’t just upload your files, pay and hope for the best. Instead, you get a dedicated account manager to oversee the entire project, making sure you’re updated every step of the way.

When creating a training manual for your business or trainers you may have lots of questions: What size should my training manual be? Is there an optimal number of pages it should include? We are here to help; give us a call or pop on live chat and your very own account manager can answer these and any other questions you may have.

We work closely with every customer to make sure that the finished product matches the initial idea and is always top quality. That’s the reason we work with hundreds of businesses each year to help them create their own bespoke training manuals. With our free file assessment you can have total confidence your training manuals will print exactly the way you want them to. If we spot any errors with your files, we will let you know so that what we send to print is perfect.

To start printing your training manuals, get a free online quote to cost things up or request a free sample in your chosen binding type and see the high quality we offer with every print.

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Printing Your Training Manual

When it comes to the size of your training manual, you have the final say on what’s what but we do know a thing or two. 

If the manual is going to be used in a manufacturing setting then there's nothing better than a coil/wire bound book with acetate covers. These prevent damage and the binding allows the pages to lay flat whilst being referred to. If the training manual is to be kept in an office setting or referred to at home then you can go for something a little less robust such as a booklet. 

For us, we love having an A4 training manual with coil binding, but then we are manufacturers. If you plan to write inside the manual then we would recommend 120gsm for the paper thickness. Or, if you have lots of images, then we’d go for 115gsm silk/gloss.

The number of pages your training manual can have is limited by just one factor, it can’t exceed 600 pages. It’s unlikely that you have a 600-page training manual unless you’re NASA… but 600 pages is our maximum, sorry NASA.

Not every business is the same so if you need more advice on your options then our expert account managers can assist you on or 01733 898102.

Designing Your Training Manual

As mentioned before, our designers can perform a free file assessment on your files to ensure they are print ready and you’re not in for any nasty surprises when you open the manuals.

If having a professional cover design is something you’re considering (which we do recommend as it will represent your company image), then you can get one with us! If you’re looking to showcase the class of your business to new employees, there’s no better way than with quality printed and designed training materials. Head on over to our book design section to see what we can do for you.

If you have a team of designers already, why not download a pre-formatted template they can use to sort out the training manual print files you want to send our way.

Other Considerations When Creating Your Training Manual


You will have spent a lot of time getting everything ready for your training manual and can become blind to the content. It is always best to have a fresh set of eyes give it a once-over before going to print. You may have someone in your office or network that can do this for you but if you would like some help then head over to our proofreading page and see what we can offer. 

Storage and Shipping (Fulfilment) 

Here at Book Printing UK we offer a fulfilment service which means you do not have to worry about where to store your training manuals or who is going to send them out to delegates. 


When you first print your training manuals the artwork needs to be set up for print, you will check your proof and make any changes. Once this is done your print files are ready to go the next time you order. This means we are able to offer a reduced price for reorders of your training manuals. As long as there are no changes to the artwork you can use your online account to order as little as one copy at your reduced reorder price.

Our Recommendations

When creating your training manual we recommend you opt for an A4 size book that is either wire bound or a booklet depending on the number of pages it has. If you have more than 48 pages then wire is the way to go. For paper thickness, we recommend going for at least 120gsm. 

More than just Printers

At Book Printing UK, we don't stop after printing. We understand that there's much more needed to create a book. That's where our extended Services come in to help. From proofreading to ISBNsbook design to E-book conversion, we've got you covered!

Our experienced team offer bespoke expertise relating to your manual, and your manual only. Simply add any services to your quote, or order separately. Feel free to contact us for more information: or 01733 898102

I ordered a small run of books for a training workshop. The process was smooth, and they arrived on time. Attendees commented very favourably on the quality of printing and the overall finish. Helps me promote a professional image.