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February 2023 - Taking On New Titles 

Sell your books on Amazon with maximum profit and minimum hassle. We will set up your title on our Amazon Seller Account so your customers can quickly and easily buy copies through a site they know and trust. These orders come directly to us so we can pick, pack and send them out to your customers, leaving you free to concentrate on promoting and selling your work.

To maximise potential and sales of your book we ask authors to chat to us about:

  • Your Marketing Plan - to make sure your book sells as many copies as possible a good marketing plan is necessary, we are happy to read over your plan and look at your potential sales projections. 
  • Your Audience - It is good for us all to know who will be buying your book, do you have a  social media following or presence, or an alternative platform that you have built up subscriber numbers? 
  • Continued Success - after the initial sales how will you keep up the interest in your book?
  • Review Conducted - once your book has been selling for three months BPUK will have an informal meeting with you to review sales and establish if our platform will continue to work best for your sales. 

We love nothing more than seeing authors succesfully sell their books, if you have all of the above planned and sorted get in touch so we can get the ball rolling and you onto Amazon! 

How does it work?

Send us your book printing files so we can get started

We'll print your books and hold the stock level you require. 

Your book will be made available through our  Amazon Seller Account.

We will process and fulfil all orders recieved through Amazon on your behalf. 

Information & Example Contract

  • Hassle-Free

    Let us do the hard work, so you have more time to spend doing what you do best.

  • Earn More

    Costs less than setting up your own Amazon Central Seller Account and offers you a higher royalty percentage than Kindle Direct Publishing

  • Dedicated Account Manager

    No call centres. You'll have one point of contact who knows you and your book

  • Start Earning Now

    Set-up is very quick and we can start processing orders right away.

  • Freedom and Flexibility

    You can sell your book through other channels simultaneously to maximise sales.

Information & Example Contract
Amazon Author Arena

Author Arena

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Amazon Author Arena by Book Printing UK FAQ's

Do I have to sign a contract?

You have to sign a contract agreeing to our terms of business and giving us permission to sell your book through our Amazon Seller Account, but you won’t be tied in for a period of time. We just ask you give us 30 days notice if you would like to terminate the contract.

Do I need to have an ISBN to be able to use this service?

Yes, you need to have an ISBN so we can add your book to Amazon.

How do you know how much stock to hold?

We'll make a decision on this together based on sales projections. We can then set low and high stock levels. Once you hit the low stock level, we'll let you know and you can order more. If you have an event coming up or a big marketing push, you can easily order more for stock.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes. There is a minimum order of 100 copies to use this service.

Do you charge for the storage of my stock?

No. We figure we've got the space which we pay for anyway so storage of your stock is free.

What is the difference between your Fulfilment Service and Author Arena?

The Author Arena is for people who want to sell their books on Amazon but don't want all the hassle of setting up and managing an Amazon Seller Account. Fulfilment of orders received through the Author Arena is included in this service.

Our fulfilment service is for orders from different platforms; this may be from your website, an event you held or Facebook etc.

For authors who want to sell their books on Amazon and another platform both services will be used.

Why join Author Arena rather than Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)?

While KDP is great for first-time authors, they only offer a fixed royalty rate of 60%. With Author Arena, we do not take a cut of your royalty, so you receive 100% of the profit from each sale.

Author Arena also gives you greater control. For example, you can run price promotions or even free giveaways. You can also run sponsored ads in the UK – something currently unavailable on KDP.