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Published 9:30am, 22/06/2022 by BPUK Admin | Advice

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Do I need an E-book? This might be the question on many authors’ minds. Well, we're here to help you answer that question as we break down the digital format.

Print vs Digital

It’s common knowledge that our world becomes more digital with every passing day. However, print is still alive and kicking. Despite the UK entering multiple lockdowns in the past few years, 2020 saw ‘a record 395 million books sold, up 6% unit sales and up 7% in revenue on 2019’. Audiobooks accounted for '23 million units', and ‘95 million of those were ebooks, meaning print is still outselling ebooks by almost 3 to 1’ with sales of 257 million.

However, despite the world of print being more popular than ever, E-books are also on the rise…

E-book reach

E-book numbers are increasing yearly. 'The annual growth rate of E-book revenue in the United Kingdom grew by 18.9 percent between 2010 and 2020'. Access to bookstores have been varied in the last few years, so we could well see these E-book numbers rise further.

With most people having an electronic device (tablet, laptop, phone etc.) of some kind, E-books are now even more accessible. They offer an alternative option for readers to get lost in their favourite books. They are particularly helpful if you're going on holiday and don't want to carry heavy printed books. Instead, you can simply download E-books to a device like a Tablet.

Ebooks are generally offered at a lower price than their printed counterpart and this makes them more accessible to those with limited funds. If you are uploading your book onto a platform such as KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) you can take part in special offers and advertisements that Amazon is offering their customers which will further increase your reach. 

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Print + Digital

When it comes to print and digital, it doesn’t need to be a choice of one or the other. Instead, using both sources for your book will help increase your visibility to readers. Ever notice how all well known books are available in both print and E-book? Following suit will help to present you as a professional author.

E-book readers are an audience you don't want to miss out on, as discovered in a study by Pew research center on book consumption. From those who took part in the study, '7% say they only read E-books', while '28% say they read both print books and E-books'. These are statistics that can make or break your book's success!

Internet searches can also be increased. Readers may be brought to your website via an E-book hosted file and then end up choosing a printed copy. This allows your website to appear as a one stop shop for your audience.

What next?

If after reading you have decided you do need an ebook but don't know where to start, don't worry we can help with everything. Not only can we convert your printed book files into an ebook we can also add them to KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) for you. 

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