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Best for books that are going to be used a lot.

Coil binding is a popular binding method for functional books. Books that you plan on using regularly, and opening and closing frequently. Recipe books, annual reports, training manuals, reference books, and diaries all work brilliantly with coil binding. The main advantage of coil binding is that the books can be opened 360 degrees and lay flat on a surface.

When producing a coil bound book the inside book pages are sandwiched between two sheets of card (a front and back cover). Holes are then punched in to the spine edge of the book, before a plastic coil is threaded and twisted through the holes to form the binding.

We can print coil bound books in a range of sizes: A6, A5, and A4.

The size you choose will depend on what your book is. A workbook or cookery book is likely to be printed A4, whereas a diary or reference book will probably be A5.

Our instant price calculator is able to work out the cost of printing your coil bound book in any of the regular sizes. If you would like a quote for a custom size, get in touch with a member of the team on (01733) 898 102 or email [email protected].

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One of the most frequent questions we are asked is 'should I print my book in colour or in black and white?'

There are lots of factors that will help you make a decision. If your book is plain text, then it's simple. Black and white all the way. But if your book features images you have a decision to make.

Black and white printing is less expensive; our online calculator can demonstrate the cost difference. That being said, often the look of the book is more important than saving a few pounds. If you've written a recipe book you will likely want the images to be in colour. If you want to print primarily in black and white with a few colour pages, there is a third option: colour inserts. If we mainly print in black and white with a few pages printed in colour, you can save quite a bit of money.

There is no minimum page count for coil bound books and they can feature up to 600 pages.

The main design criteria to take into account is the impact of the coil binding. The holes that the coil threads into will encroach into your page by 7mm, so any text should be kept at least 10mm away from the bind edge of the book.

Use our pre-formatted book templates to help create a print ready coil bound book. If you think it would be easier if we designed your book for you, take a look at our design services or get in touch with a member of the team.

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Coil Bound Books

Why Should You Print Your Coil Bound Book with Book Printing UK?

1. We Have Quite a Lot of Experience

We are a proud member of the Bonacia family who have been printing paperback books for more than 20 years.

We have a team of knowledgeable account managers, talented designers, and experienced production staff. Add to that our state-of-the-art printers and you find yourself in pretty good company.

2. We Don't Ship Your Order Until It Is Good Enough For Us

And if it's good enough for us, it's good enough for most people.

We have a stringent quality control process at every stage of the journey. Every single person that works on your book in any capacity, be it a designer, a print manager or a binder, is constantly assessing and reviewing your book to ensure that it's perfect.

If anyone sees any mistake in the printing and binding of your book, they will highlight it and fix it even if that means we have to start all over again.

3. We Keep Costs Down

Two of our main priorities are to simplify the process of printing a book, and to ensure that we are providing our service at a fair price.

We do everything we can to make our processes more efficient, as doing so saves you time and money. For example, we offer our free file assessment service. This ensures that your files will print without issue, reduces design time and minimises print errors, making you happy, and saving us time and therefore money. Processes like this mean that we can keep the cost of printing low.

Use our online calculator to get an instant quote. We usually find that we are a similar price or cheaper than most print companies, but if you get a cheaper quote elsewhere let us know and we will see if there is anything we can do.

4. We Look After the Planet

As a printer who uses a lot of paper, we take our environmental responsibility very seriously.

All of the paper we use is FSC credited, which means that it has been sourced responsibly by organisations who ensure that they are re-planting trees to replace those that they use.

If you're interested, you can find out more about FSC accredited paper here.

5. Our Customers Are Pretty Happy With What We Do

We don't want to seem arrogant, but we think we are pretty good at what we do. And our customers seem to agree.

Putting our innate British modesty aside for a moment, we work very hard to ensure that the entire process of printing with us is an enjoyable one, and that we provide amazing quality printed books at an exceptional price. So when we are told that we're doing a good job we like to shout about it.

You can see all of our independent reviews on our Trust Pilot page. Here are a few of the most recent:

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"I've just got back from a few days away, opened the parcel - what a great job you've done! I'm delighted with it - thank you for making the process so easy."
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