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Choosing your book cover is an exciting but thought provoking process; Always wanting it to be perfect. That’s why we want to ensure you’ve chosen a cover you can be proud of. There are many different options including...

Create your own

If you’ve got an eye for design and would like to create your own cover, then you’re more than welcome to. This can be finding the right image/images online or creating one from scratch. We suit both when supplying your files. Either process your physical creation through our scanner or submit a digital copy online.

Employ an Illustrator/Designer

If you’re looking for a design from an experienced pair of hands, then you may want to employ an illustrator or designer. Their expertise will help to create a unique design based off your notes and suggestions. Fees will vary but your efforts could result in increased long term sales.

We design covers as well!

At Book Printing UK we have several in-house designers with experience in creating book covers for our customers. Some require correctly formatted images and text; Others ask for designs from scratch. We can supply both as we always work with the customer to match their vision.

We also collaborate with external illustrators and designers to offer more style options to our customers. Currently, illustrator John Elson is part of our collaboration team. However, we look to add more options moving forward.