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What Size Is Best For Your Book?

Books come in all shapes and sizes but there are some more popular choices. Here we look at the standard UK book sizes and what fits best for different book types. Most books can be bound on the long edge (portrait) or the short edge (landscape). 

When you use our calculator to get a quote you can select a standard size or put in your own measurements if you are looking for something a little different. 

We have created a handy 'actual size' chart you can use to see what each size looks like in 'real life'. Download it below


Standard Book Sizes

Standard Book Sizes Image
297mm x 210mm
Ideal for workbooks, reference guides and training manuals.
210mm x 148mm
Perfect for poetry books and autobiographies.
127mm x 203mm
Great size for most novels.
234mm x 156mm
An ideal size for a larger (special edition) novel or family history book.
Slim Volume
180mm x 120mm
Good for pocket guides.
148mm x 105mm
Works great for 'little books of poems' or illustration books.
Large 250mm x 250mm
Medium 210mm x 210mm
Small 148mm x 148mm
A popular option for cookbooks, photography, or children's books.