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We love printing books almost as much as we love our customers. We want to make your dream book into a reality and we like to keep it personal. If you can't find the answer you're looking for here, then drop us an email to [email protected] or give us a call on 01733 898102 and take advantage of our free consultation service. Call us, tell us about your project and we will personalise our advice to what you are looking to achieve. If you're ever stuck during the order process, you can always get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help. We're cool like that.


How much does it cost to print a book/booklet?

Truth be told, it just isn't that simple. Your book will vary in price depending on size, number of pages, type of paper and binding; not to mention whether you need a cover design, whether it's colour or black and white, I could keep going... If you want an accurate price, the best way is to get a free online quote here.

Oh, and it's worth keeping in mind that we are a digital printer, so it's more economical for us to print between 25 and 500 copies; ordering less than 25 copies usually isn't very cost effective. But do whatever you like! You're a free soul!

What book sizes can I print?

We can print and bind anything between A6 and A4. Saying that, there's a little wiggle room if you have a book you want slightly larger or slightly smaller. If you're unsure about your book size or how to price it, give us a bell on 01733 898102, it isn't a problem.

What are the binding options?

Perfect binding, hardback binding, stitching and coiling. All are beautiful in their own right and you can find out more about binding options here.

How do I supply my files?

We like to keep it relaxed, so there are loads of ways for you to supply files to us. We recommend using your online account to upload files directly to us. If you'd prefer to stick to what you know, then we can also accept files via email or WeTransfer. WeTransfer is free and is pretty much the same as emailing, except that you can send larger files.

If you're not confident with emailing then you can post us a hard copy, a disk or a memory stick instead. Just don't forget to write your name or order number on the package, otherwise we're going to be drowning in files without a clue of who they belong to.

If you're supplying files for a file assessment, then simply fill in the form and upload your files here, and we'll get that file assessment done for you in no time.

What is the difference between pages and sheets?

It's subtle but it's a very real difference. Grab the nearest book and open it. You open it to one page, that's one side of a sheet of paper. Each sheet has two pages on it. So when you're requesting a quote and we ask for how many pages are in the book, we're not looking for how many pieces of paper are inside it. If you're not sure, get in touch and we'll help you out.

Does my quoted price include VAT?

We get this all the time. Your quote doesn't include VAT because most books aren't VAT applicable. However, some are. If you're unsure whether your book is VAT applicable or not, take a look at our VAT guide. No need to worry about it though, our designers will usually notice if your book is VAT applicable and we'll give you a ring or drop you an email.

Does my quote include a cover?

Of course! We'd never let your book go without a cover. A full colour cover is included in the quoted price. If you haven't created a cover yet, we have some crazy cool designers on our team who could help out. Our book cover design service is only £250 once an order is in place; make sure to contact us if you're interested.

How do I re-order?

We know our books are gorgeous. We know you're going to sell out within seconds. That means re-ordering has got to be easy and so we made it just that. You can re-order a book we have already printed for you at the click of a button, via your online account. Your account will save your past orders so it's just a matter of logging in, typing how many you want and pressing go.

How long will it take to get my books?

Quality takes time. Here are our estimated turnaround times:

Hardback books:
PDF Proof = 3-4 working days
Printed bound proof = 4-7 working days
Full order black and white printing = 15 working days (after proof signed off)
Full order colour printing = 15 working days (after proof signed off)

All Other Products:
PDF Proof = 3-4 working days
Printed bound proof = 3-6 working days
Full order black and white printing = 7-10 working days (after proof signed off)
Full order colour printing = 7-10 working days (after proof signed off)

We do offer a fast track service on some products when our schedule allows, for more information see our turnaround times page or give us a call to discuss. 

As annoying as import and custom charges are, unfortunately we can't help you out with those. You'll have to pay them on receipt of your books. (This only applies to delivery overseas by the way).

Why do hardbacks take so much longer than paperbacks?

Hardbacks take longer because each cover has to be handmade. Beautifully crafted to make sure they last. We want your book to look incredible forever.