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Staple Binding or Saddle Stitching

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Using our fast, reliable service is the ideal way to create your high quality booklets.

What is Booklet Binding?

Booklet binding, also referred to as staple binding or saddle stitching, wherby two staples are placed through the centre of all pages, the staple is then clamped closed creating the booklet. This type of binding is used for a wide range of different booklets: brochures, catalogues, newsletters, magazines, price lists, instruction manuals, theatre and sports programmes as it allows pages to be opened fully without pulling on a glue bind.

Why print your book as a Booklet?

  • Easy to open
  • Lays flat for ease of reading 
  • Print from Microsoft Word or PDF
  • Available is A5, A4 and A6
  • Perfect for brochures and catelogues

We understand that your booklet printing is a representation of you, your company and your services. This is why we guarantee the best quality every time you use us for booklet printing.

  • Sizes
  • Pages
  • Colour
  • Design


We can create printed booklets in the following sizes:

  • A6
  • A5 Portrait and Landscape
  • A4 Portrait

Need Help Supplying Your Files?

Our Design Team are on hand to help you send your files to us, use on of our Pre-Designed Template Pages when laying out your book, or view our Supplying Files Guide for further help. 

Why Print Your Booklet with BookPrintingUK?

1. We've Been Printing Books For Over 20 Years

We are a proud member of the Bonacia family, who have been printing booklets for more than 20 years. In that time we have become pretty good at it.

We have a team of knowledgeable account managers, talented designers, and experienced production staff. Add to that our state-of-the-art printers and you find yourself in pretty good company.

2. We Guarantee Outstanding Quality

Every single person who works on your booklet is a part of our stringent quality control process. The designers, print managers and binders are always on the lookout for any errors. On the rare occasion that a mistake has been made, whoever identifies the error is responsible for ensuring that it is rectified. Even if that means starting again.

One of the benefits of amassing the experience that we have is that you don’t just learn how to design and print booklets: you learn how to do it brilliantly. Every time.

3. We Keep Our Costs Down

Our aim is to print your booklets in the most efficient way possible, as the more time we can save ourselves, the more money we can save you.

Use our online calculator to get an instant quote. We usually find that we are a similar price or cheaper than most print companies, but if you get a cheaper quote elsewhere let us know and we will see if there is anything we can do.

4. You Don't Have To Feel Guilty About Printing On Our Paper

All of the paper we use is FSC credited, which means that it has been sourced responsibly by organisations who ensure that they are re-planting trees to replace those that they use.

If you’re interested, you can find out more about FSC accredited paper here.

5. People Who Use Our Service Tend To Love Us!

We don’t want to seem arrogant, but we think we are pretty good at what we do. And our customers seem to agree.

Putting our innate British modesty aside for a moment, we work very hard to ensure that the entire process of printing with us is an enjoyable one, and that we provide amazing quality printed booklets at an exceptional price. So when we are told that we’re doing a good job we like to shout about it.

You can see all of our independent reviews on our Trust Pilot page.

My booklet was expertly produced; I was given help when I needed, the finished product is great and was speedily delivered.

Joyce Smith

Booklet. Full Colour. A5 Size.