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Published 9:00am, 21/06/2022 by BPUK Team | General

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As part of National Winnie the Pooh day, we discuss the importance of A. A. Milne's timeless stories.


Winnie the Pooh was created by A. A. Milne. He was born on this very day (18/01) back in 1882. The beloved character first appeared in Milne’s first volume of stories about the hundred-acre wood, titled ‘Winnie-the-Pooh' in 1926. These stories are beautifully illustrated by E H Shephard.

Author A. A. Milne wrote these stories after being asked by his son Christopher Robin. Winnie the Pooh himself is named after a Canadian black bear that Christopher often visited at London Zoo. Furthermore, Milne's inspiration for the hundred acre wood originated from Ashdown Forest in East Sussex.

Character depth

Many may consider the stories of Winnie the Pooh to be exclusively for children. However, the characters involved display a depth which is far beyond basic. In 2000, Doctor Sarah Shea and a team of fellow pediatricians produced a journal called Pathology in the Hundred Acre Wood. The study discovered that the characters displayed symptoms typical of psychological illnesses or developmental disorders. As a result, the layered characters are relatable to many individuals across the world.

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Passing of the torch

Since 1961, Disney own the copyright to the Winnie the Pooh books and its characters. Subsequently, the brand generates between $3 and $6 billion annually.

However, since January 1st 2022, Winnie the Pooh’s original book is now in the public domain. Therefore, it's now legal to use the same characters/settings of the book without a fee. This allows anyone to use the characters for their own stories. Would you write your own story containing some of the iconic characters?

Timeless Stories

Today we are more knowledgeable about mental health. Especially when compared to 1882. That’s why A. A. Milne’s work is so ahead of its time. Even if it wasn’t the original intention, his stories continue to resonate with audiences, young and old.

The characters teach valuable lessons to children. Friendship and kindness to others are key features of Milne's storytelling. Often the characters work together to ease each other's own personal struggles.

Now's the perfect time to pick up a book and lose yourself in the hundred acre wood. And remember, ‘life is a journey to be experienced, not a problem to be solved’.

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