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Published 12:00am, 19/07/2021 by BPUK Team | Advice

What is B2B?

B2B marketing is an extremely effective and popular method of sales and promotion. It’s where businesses offer their services, products and expertise to other businesses who may need them. We'll be looking at B2B content marketing, specifically with books as we believe it's the perfect time to print a B2B book.

Books are informational and offer unique expertise to those looking to learn from the best. For example, a book called Unleash Possible by Samantha Stone is all about driving sales through the use of a concise marketing playbook. This would appeal to a large audience. However, we believe the target audience for B2B books tend to include the following traits:

B2B Target Audience

  • Small/start up businesses
  • Customers looking for ROI, efficiency and expertise
  • Driven by logic and financial incentive
  • Aim to discover long term solutions to increase financial earnings and stability

The Rise Of Marketing Budgets

Now it’s no secret that a certain virus has changed the world as we know it. Not all change is bad though. To combat the threat of bankruptcy during the pandemic, many businesses have increased their marketing budgets. This is in the aim of discovering new ways to stand out from the crowd; attracting new customers in the process. Global advertising is expected to grow 19% by the end of 2021. This growth could result in B2B books becoming a popular acquisition for those looking to learn from already successful businesses.

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More Readers Than Ever Before

Book readers are also on the rise! As a result of multiple national lockdowns, people have had more free time on their hands. A lot have spent this time falling in love with books again. In fact, nearly 1 in 3 people read more during lockdown with 45% of young people (18-24) reading more than before lockdown. These stats give much credence to a growing book audience. Therefore, the demand for physical platforms of informative help will be in demand.

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B2B Brand Awareness

Selling B2B books not only earns you a bit of money and helps your customers, but also increases brand awareness for both yourself and your own business. By printing a B2B book, you are presenting yourself as someone who’s an expert in their respected field. For example, as a result of brand awareness, Dyson are widely perceived as experts within the Vacuum cleaner industry. This representation encourages potential customers to trust in your knowledge and experience with their time and money. Earnings from your book sales are great, but you could see an even higher ROI from your own business as a result of printing a B2B book.


Our B2B Books

At Book Printing UK we’ve printed many B2B books, ranging from achieving a positive cash flow to opening your own nail salon. Each and every book having their own area of expertise. They also come in many shapes and sizes. A5 paperbacks are always a popular choice, but coils, hardbacks and more are also common.