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Published 12:00am, 21/06/2021 by | General

When writing a book, collaboration is always present. Collaborators add their specialised expertise to help improve the final product. Even if you write the entire book yourself, there will always be someone who helps contribute to your vision. At Book Printing UK, we're collaborators because we help print your book. We've even collaborated ourselves with a local illustrator to bring more design options to our customers. Your Nan can even be a collaborator by reading your first draft and giving her seal of approval. There are many available to you and we have broken down some of the most important.

Book Editor

Book editors are vital for anyone looking to publish. They ensure your work is professional and ready for publication. However, there are many job roles within book editing such as proofreading and copy editors. Proofreaders will check misspelt words and small grammar errors. Copy editors will check grammar, factualness and style.

The options don’t stop there, but it’s down to the author to decide what type of editor is required for their book. You will have the freedom to choose who you want, the price you’re willing to spend and the time you have to complete the editing.

Main Duties
  • Check spelling and grammar
  • Acquire manuscripts for review
  • Keep track of scheduled dates for publication
  • Meetings with author to discuss campaign ideas

If you're looking to hire a book editor then head over to Reedsy to start your search.

Book Designer

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, and that’s true... But, your book stands a better chance of getting noticed if it’s got a great cover. Creative and eye-catching designs will draw the viewer in; grabbing their attention to find out more.

Your book audience will visualise the story in their head when reading. By collaborating with a designer, you can turn their visions into physical book art. This includes both cover art and artwork inside the book. The designer could be an artist with 20 years of experience, or they could be your uncle who's offered to lend a hand. Either is fine.

At Book Printing UK we offer the services of an in-house book designer to bring your work to life.

Main Duties
  • Meet with author to discuss potential ideas
  • Create book cover design in line with the book’s theme
  • Create any illustrations required within the book
  • Layout and formatting of book including text
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Book Marketer

Marketing is vital if you’re looking to publish. When selling your book you’ll want as large an audience as possible and a marketer will help achieve this goal through regular author contact and a book selling strategy. After all, there's only so many people your family members can reach out to.

In a digital world, online promotion is a huge part of book marketing. This includes social media where author presence can sometimes offer a bigger selling point than the book itself. A good example would be Stephen King who is so well known that his Twitter account currently has over 6.4 million followers. This is massive audience reach, further increasing the importance of online promotion.

Main Duties
  • Meetings with author to discuss their vision
  • Dictate how the book will be advertised
  • Promotion strategy
  • Book sale resources eg. description/images
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Book Publisher

If your book impresses, then you might get picked up by a publisher. Depending on the publisher, they could have in-house editors and designers. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to worry about going direct to them yourself. Publishers will sell your books under their name; buying your book rights in the process.

Your other option to publishing would be to self publish. Many authors choose this option due to the freedom of determining your book goals alongside full ownership of it's rights.

At Book Printing UK we can offer a collaboration to those self publishing. After printing your book, we provide the tools to store, sell and deliver them to your customers. For a fee, you get to collect your share of the profits without dealing with the complications of selling.

Main Duties
  • Determining book market and target audience
  • Revenue control over what funds go where
  • Commercial campaign
  • Sell books through various platforms

Book Printer

Printed books are on the rise! 2020 saw the highest printed book sales since 2012, numbering over 200 million. That’s why it’s the perfect time to print your book, with the reading community expanding daily.

Here at Book Printing UK, we complete your writing journey by presenting you with a physical copy of your hard work. These copies can be shown to family and friends. Alternatively, you can go down the publishing route and sell them.

There are many aspects to book printing such as binding, layout, formatting, thickness etc. However, once we have your preferences, we deal with the complicated bits to ease your process. Collaboration when writing a book requires great communication and we provide that for every step of your book printing journey.

Main Duties
  • Organise book layout and formatting
  • Additional extras eg. book cover, ISBN
  • Print specified book copies
  • Deliver all over the world to your front door
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If you would like to get your book printed then head over to our website to get your free quote.

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