E-book Conversion

E-book Conversion

by Book Printing UK

Reach more customers by converting your work into an e-book. E-books offer convenience for readers and larger profit margins for you. We can quickly convert your book into a professionally-designed e-book file that will work on any e-reader.

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How does it work?

Once your book is approved for print, our expert designers will convert it into two file types ‚Äď EPUB and MOBI.

These files will then be sent to you to use as you wish. You can host them on your own website and let readers download them.

You can also upload them to third-party sellers like Amazon and Apple Books.

What benefits will you see?

Sell more books

Many readers prefer to download e-books rather than buy printed copies. Make sure you're not missing out on those sales.

Make more money

With no print costs, e-books offer higher profit margins so you can earn more on every sale. You can also give out free promotional downloads without spending a penny!

Raise your profile

A properly designed and formatted e-book shows readers that you are a professional and inspires trust in you and your book.

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E-book Conversion FAQs

What format does my book need to be in to convert it to an e-book?

We usually prefer to work from a Microsoft Word document or InDesign file.

Why is it better to let BPUK make my e-book rather than just doing it through a free service?

Unlike printed books, e-books do not have a fixed format. The text is designed to be viewed at different sizes on a range of different screens. This means that the design needs to be flexible. Free online e-book converters use an algorithm to turn your document into an e-book file. This means that it may have odd formatting, gaps or errors. With BPUK, you get the services of an expert designer who will format your book to work across multiple devices. The designer will make sure that your book is laid out professionally and check that it displays properly, giving your customers a more enjoyable reading experience.

What file types will my book be converted into?

Your book will be converted into EPUB and MOBI files. Most major e-book retailers use EPUB files except for the Kindle store which uses MOBI files.

What do I do with my e-book files once I have them?

There are lots of different ways to distribute your e-books. You can upload the files onto your website and make them available for your customers to download. You might also choose to upload the files to retailers like Amazon (via Kindle Direct Publishing) or Apple Books. They will list the book for you in return for a percentage of each sale you make.

Do I need an ISBN for my e-book?

Some online retailers will list your e-book without an ISBN, but we strongly recommend that you purchase one as it helps customers to quickly find your book and allows you to control the data attached to the title. The ISBN for your e-book will be different to the ISBN for your paperback and/or hardback versions.