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Posters make a great marketing tool to promote not only your book but any product or service you offer.

The single most important criteria for poster printing is that they look great! You want your poster to be eye-catching and the colours to be vibrant. The idea of a poster is to catch people’s attention and draw them in to find out more.

Digital poster printing gives a high-quality finish; this makes it ideal for printing art, medical posters, scientific posters as well as promotional posters.

We are a short-run digital printer and can print as little as 1 copy of your poster at a competitive price. Ordering your posters with Book Printing UK is quick and easy, use our online calculator to get a quote, upload your artwork and we will start printing. 

printed posters
poster printing

Printing Your Posters

Choosing between black and white and colour print for your posters will most likely be determined by the purpose of the poster. Whilst black and white printing is a bit cheaper, if you are designing a poster that intends to promote a product, service, or event you will probably want it to be printed in colour (to help it stand out from the crowd.) If you are creating a poster for a presentation, or medical or scientific posters, colour print may not be a necessity.

We offer posters in a range of sizes but suggest going for an A3 poster for most purposes.

Designing You Posters

When you order posters with us there are two options for design. You can either send us print ready pdf or we can design your poster for you. Once you have placed your order, we will send you a poster design brief form to fill out and then one of our awesome designers will create a sample for you to feedback on. 

Why Print Posters to Promote Your Book

Selling your book starts way before you go to print. It is best to drum up as much interest as possible before you’ve even finished writing. This way you will have an audience ready to buy on launch day.

Posters are a cost-effective way of telling people about your book. Have your posters printed and put them on display anywhere your books target market will be.

 Make sure you include when and where they can purchase your book.