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We can convert your printed book into the two most common eBook file formats; .mobi (Amazon Kindle) and .ePub (Apple, B&N, Sony). These are the two most popular formats for eBooks; between them your book should be compatible with virtually every reading platform available.

Fixed Layout eBooks

We also provide Fixed Layout eBooks for the iPad and Kindle Fire. This format does exactly what the name suggests; it prevents the layout of your book from being altered by the device it is being read on.

These are perfect for children's illustrated books and any books with a number of images, illustrations, tables, or anything other than plain text.

The price of your eBook conversion depends on a number of factors. The simplest to calculate are books which are purely text without any images, illustrations or graphs.

If your book does contain any images or needs complex formatting, your price will be calculated on an individual basis.

Price Guide for Straight Text Books

Up to 70 pages = £117

70-100 pages = £142

101-150 pages = £170

151-350 pages = £210

350+ pages = £210 plus £0.35 per each additional page.

Additional Costs for More Complex Formatting

Books which require images or more complex formatting carry the same base price as straight text books, with the following additional costs:

Images/Charts = £0.45 per image

Formatted Tables = £0.55 per table

Some eBooks will include complex formatting; this includes extensive poetry, footnotes, lists, unique paragraph formatting, tables, charts, sidebars, screenplays, foreign languages, and symbols.

It is next to impossible to provide an accurate quote for a complex eBook without seeing your files. Submit your files here for a free quote.

Find out about our self-publishing packages.

If you are currently in the process of printing your book with us, or have done so in the last two years, we most probably have the files we need to produce your eBooks.

  • Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, and Adobe InDesign are the easiest files to convert to eBook format.
  • Converting directly from a PDF can cause formatting issues and may incur an additional charge.
  • If your book includes images, for best results we ask that you supply the image as separate .jpeg files as well as including them in the main file.
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Your printed book into the two most common eBook file formats.Your printed book into the two most common eBook file formats.Your printed book into the two most common eBook file formats.

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