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Hardback Books AKA Case Bound Books

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Crowned as the king of books, not because of the amount printed but for the prestigious look and feel you get from them.

What is a Hardback Book?

The first stage of hardback binding is identical to our paperback binding, inside pages glued, except a heavy paper is used rather than using a cover to hold all of the pages together. This is then attached to the hard casing, made out of board which has either had a cover printed on or Wibalin cover can be added, we offer this in four colour Green, Blue, Red and Black. The finish of the Wibalin is either smooth or textured, a smooth finish is used if foiling is required. Hardback binding is a longer process than paperback binding and much of the process has to be done by hand

We have in-house case binding machinery, which means that we can print short-run hardback books.

What Material Is Used For The Hardback Case?

The hardback board case is covered in a Wibalin material either in a textured or smooth finish depending on if foiling is required or not, we offer 4 different colours of Wibalin Green, Red, Blue, and Black. We can print onto the hardback cover with either a gloss or matt finish. A wrap-around cover / dust jacket can be added to the cased book. The dust jacket has oversized flaps that are folded and tucked into the cased book.

Why Print Your Book As A Hardback?

  • Prestige and Premium Finish
  • Glue binding for inside pages
  • Available in All Book Sizes
  • Includes Free Ribbon Markers if required
  • Our hardback books are built to stand the test of time and are the perfect way to share your story with the world.
  • A book that stands proud on any shelf and towers over the rest, this binding type is sure to make your book stand out.
  • Adding quality to any print project, these are usually reserved to novels, autobiographies, family histories, artworks and limited edition print runs.
  • Sizes
  • Colour
  • Pages
  • Design


We produce hardback books in; A5, A4, Royal or a custom size of your choice.

Different types of books work best in different sizes. For example, a yearbook works best in A4, whereas a novel would be best in A5 or Royal.

Use our instant Quote Calculator to work out the cost of printing hardback books. If you would like a quote for a custom size, get in touch with a member of the team on (01733) 898 102 or email [email protected]

Hardback Vs Paperback 

  • Prestige Luxury Finish
  • Most Suitable For Wedding Guest Books, Special Edition Autobiographies, Photo Books. 
  • Available For All Sizes
  • Suitable for Full Colour and Black and White Printing
  • All Book Sizes Available For Hardback Binding 

Need Help Supplying Your Files?

Our Design Team are on hand to help with you send your files to us, use one of our Book Templates to send print ready PDFs or make use of our Formatting Services.

Why Print Your Hardback Book with BookPrintingUK?

1. We've Been Printing Books For Over 20 Years

As a member of the Bonacia family, we have been printing books for more than 20 years. And we would like to think that we are pretty good at it.

We have a team of amazing account managers, talented designers, and experienced production staff. Add to that our state-of-the-art printers and you find yourself in pretty good company.

2. We Guarantee Outstanding Quality

When you print with us you can rest assured that every single person who works on your book is a part of our stringent quality control process.

The designers who prepare your files check that the layout is correct and the images are a high enough resolution. The print managers ensure that your pages have printed properly on paper and the binders check every book for binding errors.

On the rare occasion that a mistake is made, whoever spots it is responsible for ensuring that it is rectified. Even if that means that the books have to be discarded and the print project starts again.

3. We Keep Our Costs Down

We put a lot of work into providing an outstanding service and producing top quality products. But we know that price still matters, which is why we keep our prices competitive.

We do everything we can to make our processes more efficient, as doing so saves you time and money. For example, we offer our free file assessment service. This ensures that your files will print without issue, reduces design time and minimises print errors, making you happy, and saving us time and therefore money. Processes like this mean that we can keep the cost of printing low.

Use our online calculator to get an instant quote.

4. You Don't Have To Feel Guilty About Printing On Our Paper

As a printer who uses a lot of paper, we take our environmental responsibility seriously.

All of the paper we use is FSC credited, which means that it has been sourced responsibly by organisations who ensure that they are re-planting trees to replace those that they use.

If you’re interested, you can find out more about FSC accredited paper here FSC .

5. People Who Use Our Service Tend To Love Us!

We don’t want to seem arrogant, but we think we are pretty good at what we do. And our customers seem to agree.

Putting our innate British modesty aside for a moment, we work very hard to ensure that the entire process of printing with us is an enjoyable one, and that we provide amazing quality printed books at an exceptional price. So when we are told that we’re doing a good job we like to shout about it.

You can see all of our independent reviews on our Trust Pilot page. Here are a few of the most recent:

This company produced a small number of hardback books (and reprints) including photos and text exactly to my specification. Top notch production and brilliant personal service. Better value than the competition, and no job too small. I would not hesitate to use them any time. Highly recommended.

Derek M

Super Company!