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Published 12:00am, 13/02/2020 by BPUK Team | General

When it comes to book printing, we know what we’re doing. While this is the case, it wouldn’t be possible to print the book at such a high quality and in the quantities we do, without our trustee printing machines. These machines are one of the many reasons we can provide such high-quality print for anyone looking to print a book!

The Kodak NexPress Zx3900 is One of Our Printing Machines

The bread and butter of colour printing here at Book Printing UK and helps us output 131 pages per minute! After doing a little research, I found out that most fictional books had an average page count of 273 pages (as of 2017). Therefore,  Book Printing UK can print an entire book in under 3 minutes.

Printing Machines of Book Printing UK See How We Work Image

Book Printing Quality

Printing books full of images is the norm now and you want to ensure that the colours you see on the page are as close to the colours seen on the screen and thanks to the NexPress, we can do that.

To deliver the highest quality printed books you need a quality production system and that’s exactly what the NexPress offers. With its superior multi-bit LED 600 dpi technology and internal quality control, we can print books with photographic image quality and vibrant colours page after page.

You can see examples of some books we've had the pleasure of printing with our very own NexPress! See any you like?

Cover Finishes

When printing a book, you often see gloss or matte covers encasing the inside pages and with the NexPress we can provide a stunning matte finish to your next print project! By changing out one component, we can apply the finish you’ve always dreamed of for your book.

Curious how visible the differences are between matte and gloss? Why not check out our article which can help you decide on a print finish for your next project.

Take a Look Inside Our Printing Machines

When it comes to printing, the NexPress is no run of the mill printer you see in most offices. This is something much more and you can tell that just by looking at it. Below is the NexPress we use, opened up to show you the inner workings of the machine. Now we don't expect you to understand what any of it is, but it's interesting to see just how complicated printing on a large scale can be!

Printing Machines of Book Printing UK See How We Work Image

As you can see, its quite complex and if I’m being honest, I have no idea what each thing does and luckily, that’s not y job. What I do know, is this machine helps us produce the highest quality printed books in the UK and helps us help you!

Muller Martini Vareo Perfect Binder and Infinitrim

The next step is to trim your book down to size. That’s where the Perfect Binder and infinitrim comes in. Being the fastest and most innovative perfect binder in its class, you can, therefore, expect the best quality with every book.

This is our newest and, in my opinion, certainly the coolest machine of the bunch and I don’t think it’s difficult to see why.

Printing Machines of Book Printing UK See How We Work Image

What this machine does is to take the pages our NexPress has printed and bind them together using glue. This is known as perfect binding otherwise know as making a paperback book. You can see an in-depth video of exactly how the Vareo Perfect Binder brings your books to life! (Only the first 4 minutes related to the Vareo Perfect Binder)

Achieving up to 1,350 cycles per hour means we can print and bind your books in no time at all. This means you’ll get your book at the highest quality, with quick turnarounds and a pleasant print journey.

The next step

What happens next is trimming your book down to size using the Muller Martini Infinitrim. Next is where my favourite part of the machine and that’s the awesome conveyor belt connecting the two machines. Your bound books flow from our Perfect Binder straight into the Infinitrim to be cut to size.

The end product is your printed book, professionally bound, trimmed and now it's ready to be packed and shipped your way!

As you can tell, the machines we use are no ordinary printers you might find in any house or local print shop but what you will still get is that feeling of being treated like you matter and that’s because you do. Just like every book we print, we put 110% into making sure your print journey is perfect from start to finish.