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Published 12:00am, 27/10/2021 by BPUK Team | Advice

Let's face it, writing is hard work. But, it's even harder to get started. So how about we teach you how to start writing a novel with 5 easy steps?

1. Learn from the best

Why do it all yourself when you can learn from the best? Experienced novel writers have accumulated knowledge over many years. Some choose to lend this knowledge in the form of a book.

A writing tips book is a great resource to use, especially for those with little experience. Pick up one; preferably more than one. Some we recommend include:

As Francis Bacon once stated, knowledge is power. The more knowledge you have, the better prepared you’ll be when you start writing. We recommend reading these books, both at the start, and throughout your writing journey. This helps to refresh your memory of the new writing techniques you’ve learnt. Let’s face it; we’re never going to remember everything on the first go.

2. The idea!

A novel always starts with that initial idea. You may already have the ultimate idea, but for those that don’t, there is no need to fear. The solution..? A mind map!

Don’t worry, we won’t be asking you to revise for a school exam. Instead, a mind map can generate inspiration towards an idea. Write down what you like talking about and what unique perspective you have to tell. This could be a unique perspective which only you can discuss, based on your own life experiences. It may take some time, but eventually you'll discover the right idea.

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3. Do your research

You may just want to get on with writing, but have patience my young padawan. Say your book's set in the 1920’s, then you won’t have the knowledge of what it’s like to live in that decade... Unless of course you’re over 100 years old! That’s why it’s important to research how people in that decade dressed, behaved, spent their time and more. This provides a more realistic depiction of your story.

Writing before researching can result in a story which isn’t believable to the audience. Who knows, there could even be someone aged over 100 judging your content.

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4. Plan your content

Planning is essential for any written book. Writing a book without a plan can result in stagnated writing with no clear vision of the book’s end goal. You don't want to suddenly realise that your main character is lacking a character arc halfway through your book. Completing a clear plan will make the writing process just that bit easier. Here’s just some of the content we believe needs planning:

  • Character’s and their arcs
  • Chapter contents
  • Plot structure


Download our free book outline map and fill out all your content

5. Set a writing schedule

Setting up a schedule ensures you'll have laser focus when it comes to writing. You don’t need to schedule in 5 hours a day to be effective. Any writing time is effective so long as you stick to a routine. Even 30 minutes a day can be worthwhile.

Your writing schedule must suit your personal schedule. For example, if you work 9-5, then you could set aside one hour between 8-9pm to complete your daily writing.

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Hopefully you have followed all these steps and learnt how to start writing a novel. Now there’s only one thing left to do...


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