Create Your Own Custom Desk Pads

Whether you’re looking for something to give away to clients or use internally, you have found the easiest way to create desk pads.

Each pad has 50 sheets printed on 100gsm white paper. The paper is set on to a grey board backing and glued on the top edge allowing you to easily tear off each top page as you are finished with it. Choose a template, select your colour scheme, and upload your logo then your custom desk pads are ready to order.

A4 size = 297mm x 210mm   /   A3 size = 420mm x 297mm

Daily Planners [A4]

These are a great way to plan out your day and make sure those top ‘to do’ items are not missed.

Desk Pads [A3]

Use these general desk pads to keep your workspace neat and tidy or send them to clients and make sure your brand stays at the forefront of their minds.

Desk Pads [A4]

Focus Pads [A3]

Plan out tomorrow before you go home today. These pads are a great way to set your intentions and stay focused.

Focus Sheets [A4]

Similar to the A3 Focus Pads, these daily sheets help you to stop procrastinating and stay on top of all the ‘must do’ tasks.

Radical Focus Sheets [A4]

Based on OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) these sheets are a great addition to any team. Not only do they allow you to set a clear objective, but they also make sure you check in and think about the results.

Scribble Pads [A3]

One of the most common desk pads the scribble pad does what it says on the tin... Any time something comes to mind, a note, a to do or just something you need to remember, add it to the scribble pad.

Scribble Pads [A4]

To Do Pads [A3]

Don’t forget the things you need to do this week, use these weekly to do pads so you can see your whole week in front of you with a quick glance.

To Do Pads [A4]