Should I Self-Publish My Books?

August 19, 2021 10:06 am

Should I self-publish my books? I’m sure it’s a question many of you have pondered. However, some may be put off by the whole process, wondering how do I get started? What are the costs? Is it worth the extra work?

With the help of author Oliver Crocker, we hope to provide insight into some of these questions. Oliver has written ‘All memories great & small’ and ‘Witness Statements’, with both receiving high recognition. Starting with an independent publisher, Oliver later moved onto self-publishing; granting him a greater sense of ownership over his work. He’ll be discussing the positives and negatives of self-publishing.

It starts with a reason to write

We all get into writing in different ways and for different reasons. Yours will be specific to you. For Oliver’s ‘All memories great & small’, it started with a holiday…


Why self-publish?

Once you’ve written your book, this will help determine what direction you’re looking to take it in. For example, you are less likely to publish if your book is a memoir, compared to a B2B marketing planner. If you are looking to sell your books then self-publishing has proved to be a very popular option. This is especially the case since reading in general has seen a big increase due to various national lockdowns.

Self-publishing provides a sense of freedom and complete ownership over your book which is unrivalled. However, authors will need to bear in mind that extra ownership comes with extra responsibility. This includes organising the formatting, ISBN, design and more yourself. Unless of course you wanted to use some of Book Printing UK’s services to help you out.

Oliver actually discovered that he felt like more of an author after going through the self-publication process than with an independent publisher…


How to get started

The first thing you should know is that self-publishing isn’t easy. You are no longer just a writer. Instead, you have the added responsibility of being an editor, a designer, a marketer, a distributor and much more.

It’s a full on process which requires a lot of hard work. However, this hard work can pay off – quite literally! As a result, you can receive a higher percentage of income when compared to selling with an independent publisher. Oliver discusses how the process began for him with early formatting of particular importance.


Self-publishing tips

Self-publishing is a learning experience; with the ability to gain more knowledge each day. Obviously there are plenty of logistics to consider when selling books yourself. However, Oliver himself encourages writers to also enjoy the process and be proud of your achievement…



We hope you’ve enjoyed this insight into self-publishing through Oliver Crocker’s eyes. Now when asking yourself ‘should I self-publish my books’, you will have gained greater knowledge to make a more informed decision. If you’d like to get your hands on one of Oliver’s books then please get your copy here.

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